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If your kids are anything like my teenager, virtually every American teenager’s dream is getting behind the wheel.  A driver’s license is a ticket to freedom! At last, teens can drive themselves to school, work, and recreational activities. READ MORE >>

  Image courtesy of Fox News. First, check on the above story.  Is that not awesomely hilarious and unfortunate at the same time?  So, being an insurance guy, my first thought was: Do they have the coverage in place to handle this? READ MORE >>

Life Insurance as an Investment Vehicle   Have you ever heard that commercial on the radio that’s advertising guaranteed investment returns of 5% even in down markets?  If you have, did you wonder what magical investment they were talking about? READ MORE >>

  Image by David Mark from Pixabay   Do I need Flood Insurance? ·         Everyone is at risk for flood and anyone can get flood insurance.  However, if you are financing the purchase of your home, the financing company is likely... READ MORE >>

What goes into an insurance score? Almost every insurance company today uses an “Insurance Score” to determine the premium you pay for home, auto and even commercial insurance in some cases.  Let’s discuss what’s in an insurance score and how it affects your premium. READ MORE >>

  Recently, my mother and mother-in-law teamed up to get my daughter the Motorized Disney Princess Carriage you see here.  (That's me in the background, doing something weird.  Grandpa, John, is gently guiding the girls away from all other objects. READ MORE >>

We have run into several instances recently where there is a claim that needs to be seen by an adjuster before repairs are made.  Now, this does not mean you have to wait for the adjuster if your house is on fire.  Matter of fact you need to take care of any immediate damage first. READ MORE >>

  This is a question that comes up fairly often when we talk to our clients.  Does loyalty mean anything anymore?  Will I get preferential pricing if I stay with an agency for a long time?  Do they have a longevity discount?  Do I lose anything by shopping my insurance every few years and switching? READ MORE >>

  There are 3 ways to value your home.   One is the market value.   If you were to sell your house today, how much would someone pay to buy your home?   What would a real-estate agent list it for (which are sometimes 2 totally different things in themselves)? READ MORE >>

We had an adjuster come in the other day, mostly for an update on a large number of water damage claims we are working on after our storm last week.  During the conversation he brought up a good point about lenders and insurance policies. Most of the time you are required to list a lender on a policy for things you borrow money to buy. READ MORE >>

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